“Superfruit,” Its Correlation To Marketing

Orange Juice Benefits- Excellent Nutrient-Rich Fruit Juice

Are you aware of the 4Ps of marketing? In marketing, we stress on Products; their Pricing, identify the Place, and review methods of Promotion. Fruit Industries use the term “superfruit” as a marketing strategy. This term has an equally important connection to the 4Ps of marketing. “Superfruit” is a term of promotion, that are modes of making sales more effective. Moreover, this word is meant for advertising on the Internet and other media platforms.

“Superfruit,” Its Correlation To Marketing
“Superfruit,” Its Correlation To Marketing

Explanation Of Nutritional Values In Superfruit

Earlier, vitamin content was the central marketing point especially vitamin B12. Likewise, recently the term “antioxidants” has gained momentum. Superfruits are being claimed as anti-aging, cancer preventive, and cure-all by self-styled nutritionists. 

Anti-oxidant Fruit Fact In Superfruit

There is no such fruit fact known as an antioxidant. But due to rapid digestive properties, fruits enable losing anti-oxidants. However, the term “superfruit” has miraculously benefitted fruit business in certain places. A surge in sales occurred on berries, spread over specific demographics. As viewed by the strict nutritional point, superfruit is not only but a strategy to promote.

Organic Food Enthusiasts, How They Perceive Superfruit

Superfruits, most beneficial to all, are Acai-berry, figs, lychee, papaya, apple, guava, grapes, etc. 

  • Acai Berry- Rich in anthocyanin content, which strengthens immunity. Besides, it also contains fatty acids, palmitic acid, and oleic acids for good health boosters. Moreover, materials like beta-sitosterol, beta-carotin, Vitamin C, and E are quite effective in controlling cholesterol.
  • Figs- A good source of minerals like potassium. Potassium is an effective blood pressure reducer. Besides, the presence of calcium enables bone nutrition and repair.
  • Lychees- Good content of polyphenols which keeps your heart healthy. Moreover, lychees are also are useful for breast cancer.
  • Guava- It is incredibly beneficial for skincare and collagen production. Vitamin C in guava besides boosting skin health also acts as an antioxidant to protect you from foodborne pathogens.
  • Papaya- These fruits are superior in terms of their beta-cryptoxanthin content that enables lung protection. It works well in cancer treatment. Moreover, they are effective digestion boosters, reacts well to amino acids.
  • Apples- Aids in protecting you from heart diseases as well as allergies. They also help in providing antihistamine and anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants.  
  • Grapes- Resveratrol in grapes, promotes a healthy heart. Ripe grapes contain malic acid that can keep your teeth clean.
“Superfruit,” Its Correlation To Marketing
“Superfruit,” Its Correlation To Marketing

Other Superfruits

The range of superfruits of repute is many. It depends on the individual fruit choice. The other fruit facts in the race are oranges, pomegranates, strawberries, watermelons, lemons, etc. These are famous for their robust features. These similarly serve good for fiber, antioxidants, vitamin, mineral as well as essential chemicals that keep you fit. 

Bottom Line

Superfruit is a terminology used as a marketing tool. There is no nutritional value in super fruit. Every fruit has ingredients, fibers, anti-oxidant, vitamins, minerals, etc. that contribute to your health needs. Healthy heart maintenance, functioning lungs, kidneys, skin, teeth are all derivatives the fruits provide. By using this term as a marketing strategy and sales booster, business people have wisely achieved revenue benefits.

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