Ripe Banana Health Benefits – Know the Unknown Health Benefits of Ripe Bananas

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The ripe banana has a number of health benefits for an individual. The rich content of potassium helps regulate the blood pressure of an individual. Potassium is also known to help with muscle development and healthy nerve function. It is also good for improving digestion and regulating the appetite. The bananas have high amounts of fiber, which helps reduce constipation.

The ripe banana health benefits do not stop at just eating the fruits. The fruits should be soaked and mixed with water to form a tasty smoothie or drink. This allows you to reap all the healthy benefits of bananas without having to peel the skin off.

Ripe Banana Health Benefits

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The reason why bananas are so beneficial to individuals with intestinal disorders is because of the fiber content of the fruit. The fiber helps to make the stool softer, which prevents constipation. If there are too many toxins in the body, constipation is the result. Bananas are rich in potassium, which prevents the intestines from becoming too hard.

The nutritional value of this fruit cannot be underestimated. Potassium helps the body to produce energy. This energy can be used to burn fat in the body, and it also helps to keep the immune system strong. The nutrients found in bananas can improve a person’s energy levels.

Nutrition Facts

The vitamin is found in the banana also has some good nutritional value. There are many people who think that bananas are bad for them because they contain a lot of vitamin c. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that. Actually, the potassium and vitamin c that is found in the fruit is good for the health of the body. This is why a banana is considered to be a good source of vitamin c.

Research has shown that the banana is also good for lowering blood sugar levels. It can help to prevent ulcers because it reduces the production of insulin that causes the body to store fat in the intestinal tract. Ulcers occur when there is an increase in the level of sugar in the bloodstream.


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The research also shows that the banana contains an antioxidant that can help prevent cancer. The acai berry is a type of antioxidant that is found in the Brazilian rain forest. This type of antioxidant helps to protect against free radicals that can damage the cells in the body. It also helps to increase the absorption of the nutrients in the intestines and increases their effectiveness in breaking down foods. The research shows that bananas contain around 45% acai berry that is about twice as much as what is found in oranges. That is why the banana is such a good source of vitamin b6.


Two bananas have the same amount of vitamin b6 as one medium-sized banana. One medium banana contains about half of the vitamin b6 that a medium-sized banana provides. That is why researchers advise that if you want to get all the health benefits from bananas, you should eat at least two bananas a day.

A large number of the inhabitants of Brazil eat the fruit mainly because the fruit tastes so delicious. The best way to consume the fruit is to eat it raw. You can either cut it into chunks and mash it or just cut it into the puree. There are people who claim that the fruit is tasteless, but this is not true because when you cook the fruit, you can spread the flavor throughout.

There are many nutritional benefits to eating fruit. The main component of the fruit is called whenanine, which has the amino acid tryptophan in it. Tryptophan is needed for building neurotransmitters and to produce serotonin. People who have diseases like multiple sclerosis and diabetes need to take into consideration of potassium and magnesium in their diet because these minerals and vitamins are essential for their health. These are the minerals and vitamins that bananas contain.

Other Benefits

The banana is good for those who suffer from diarrhea because bananas contain a lot of fiber, and this helps to prevent diarrhea. If you have a low appetite, you can increase the amount of bananas you eat as they are rich in protein. This is also the reason why you will find bananas in most diets. The potassium and magnesium found in the banana help to reduce diarrhea, and the fruits are also very good for those with ulcers. Ulcers are the cause of a lot of diarrhea around the world, and bananas can reduce the level of diarrhea in your body.

Bottom Line

Although it is good to know that the banana is a good source of dietary fiber, you should know that bananas are also a good source of dietary fat. If you substitute the consumption of other fats with that of the banana, you will definitely reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. Colon cancer is the second major cause of death in the US. The other reason why colon cancer is very common is the lifestyles we follow today. The high consumption of fast food and junk foods, along with the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and cirrhosis of the liver, are the main reasons why we have high incidences of colon cancer nowadays.

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