Pomegranate Juice Benefits and How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

pomegranate juice health benefits blood pressure

Pomegranates are a tasty fruit, but they are also loaded with health benefits. You may not have heard much about them until recently, but the ancient Mayans knew all about them long before the rest of us did. For centuries, they have been used as a powerful antiseptic and to treat a variety of conditions, from high blood pressure to diabetes to heart disease. Here, we take a look at several of the health benefits of pomegranate juice, as well as how you can use it to lower your blood pressure.

A Fruit With Unlimited Health Benefits

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While there is no arguing that a glass of pomegranate juice will make you feel better, you should be aware that it can also be very beneficial to your health. One of the main ways it lowers blood pressure is because of the anti-oxidants it contains. This means that it helps prevent free radical damage, which in turn can reduce your risk for heart disease. The rich antioxidants also help to prevent cell damage from free radicals, so your body’s cells are better protected.

Some of the other health benefits of pomegranate juice you might not have heard of are that it can prevent cancer and stimulate the immune system. Both of these can help to fight against high blood pressure, which is a common cardiovascular disease. While it does not cure it, the juice you drink can certainly make it more manageable. And given that it contains significant amounts of magnesium, potassium and calcium, it is particularly good for those who need a higher calcium intake without consuming too much.

But perhaps the most important health benefit of pomegranate is its apparent effect on diabetes. It appears to reduce the production of insulin in the pancreas. High levels of insulin can cause complications in people with diabetes. The reduced production of insulin allows patients to control their blood glucose, something that may help to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Diabetes And Pomegranate

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It has long been known that pomegranate juice is good for diabetics. This is due to the high amount of magnesium contained in the juice. Many types of diabetes are characterized by low levels of magnesium in the body. High blood pressure, too, is often accompanied with low levels of magnesium in the blood. The extra magnesium found in pomegranate juice is therefore extremely beneficial for both conditions.

Of course, not all people who suffer from diabetes or hypertension will be helped by these particular benefits of pomegranate juice. There are many other diseases and conditions that this fruit is healthy for, but these two diseases are the biggest reasons why pomegranate juice is becoming so popular all over the world. This is no doubt due to the wide variety of health benefits it contains. People have even discovered that pomegranate juice can be used as a natural diuretic, which can help to reduce excessive urination and prevent kidney stones.

If you are concerned about high blood pressure or any other type of hypertension, you should start drinking pomegranate juice. A daily glass of this juice can help to lower your blood pressure naturally without many of the negative side effects associated with prescription drugs. This is certainly very impressive and it just shows how far natural medicine has come in the last hundred years.


If you want to continue to improve your overall health, including lowering your blood pressure, you should make sure to eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale and many more are excellent for your overall health and are extremely low in sodium. Just make sure that you choose fresh varieties. You’ll definitely want to add pomegranate juice into your diet.

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