Orange Pomegranate Juice Benefits You Can Enjoy

orange and pomegranate juice benefits

Orange and pomegranates have long been associated with good health. The two fruits contain important antioxidants and vitamins that contribute to good overall health. But it is not recommended for those on certain medication. Still, today, orange and pomegranate juice are being researched extensively for their many health advantages. This juice from these fruits has been used for centuries in the East as well as in Europe and may have quite a few health benefits to offer those who drink it on a regular basis. Here are some of them.

Things To Know Before Consuming Orange Pomegranate Juice

A slice of orange fruit

There are quite a few things you can get from consuming orange and pomegranate juice on a regular basis. For one thing, they are good sources of vitamin C. In fact, orange juice and pomegranates are considering to be better sources of this vitamin than oranges or guava. Not only that, but pomegranates have nearly twice the amount of potassium that orange juice does. And both fruits are great sources of fiber. Fiber is known to aid in cleansing the colon and digestive system.

However, don’t mistake orange and pomegranate juice for though fruits that are rich in antioxidants. While the two fruits are loaded with this valuable substance, there are a few differences between orange and pomegranate juice. One of them relates to how much of the antioxidant substances the fruit contains.

Simple Recipe Ideas

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When it comes to orange and pomegranate juice recipes, you can use either the fruit’s extract or juice to make it. For example, if you like your orange juice puree, you can simply add orange juice and pomegranate bark to it. You’ll end up with a delicious orange and pomegranate juice drink. If you’d prefer, however, you can substitute orange juice for pomegranate. This will result in a slightly different flavor.

Just like orange juice, pomegranates have their own health benefits. According to scientific research, pomegranates contain much needed antioxidants which can help lower bad cholesterol levels. On the other hand, studies have also shown that pomegranates can prevent cancer, especially colon cancer. This is probably because pomegranates contain melatonin, a substance that can reduce the growth of tumors.

As for the pomegranates and orange juice benefits for diabetics, it is true that the juice from the fruit is very rich in beta-carotene, an essential nutrient for the body. However, experts have warned against this as excessive consumption can cause hypoglycemia. Of course, you can always go for the concentrated orange juice version. It’s fine as long as you check the labels.

Benefits Of Orange Pomegranate Juice

If you’re trying to shed some pounds, one of the pomegranates and orange juice benefits for you is its excellent weight loss properties. Since it contains fiber, it slows down your appetite and thus makes you less likely to eat unhealthy foods. This is also why it’s considered as one of the natural so called diet supplements. No wonder overweight people love it!

The orange and pomegranate juice benefits also include its ability to prevent prostate cancer. Scientists say this happens because pomegranates have a type of chemical called phytessence wakame, which boosts the immune system. Prostate cancer is a common type of cancer found among men in their forties and fifties. Aside from its weight-loss properties, the pomegranates are also known to have a diuretic effect on the kidneys, eliminating uric acid that builds up in the body as a result of diet and other lifestyle factors.


Drinking it might also prevent kidney stones and kidney infections, both of which are very common for those who suffer from one or more of these conditions. Moreover, drinking it helps alleviate arthritis and rheumatism.

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