Orange Juice Benefits For Men And Women

A glass of orange juice

Did you know that downing a glass of orange juice is equivalent to having a glass of milk in the morning? It can be quite a healthy option, and you would want to place it on the table every morning. It is better if you have it along with the palak, and it will have a great taste that is delightful for the kids. There are numerous orange juice benefits for both men and women, and you need to know about it before consuming it. Orange is a great source of vitamin c, and you can complete a healthy diet without having any sugary beverages. According to weight watchers, orange is one of the primary fruits which will help you get the same energy that you would get from a couple of chocolate cookies- but without the extra fat. 

Vitamin C Content

A glass of orange juice

Did you know that one glass of orange juice will give you the entire day’s worth of vitamin c? There is 93 mg of vitamin c, which is required for both men and women. Especially if there are nursing and pregnant women, they need a little bit of extra. Sudesh should have a larger glass of orange juice. It will help in enhancing the immune system as well as fighting off the cold. According to the research, vitamin c will also help in preventing problems like cardiovascular diseases and cancers. It also helps in absorbing iron into the body, which otherwise gets flushed out. 

Getting Folate

A hand holding a glass of orange juice

Our body needs folate- so it is crucial to have enriched food like oranges. Did you know that women should consume at least 400 MCG of folic acid? Otherwise, there can be neural tube disorders in future babies and prevent the growth of red blood cell growth. One cup of orange juice has about 15% folate as compared to the RDA profile, and it is good for daily consumption. Even after that, you should talk to the doctor if there is a deficiency and have supplements accordingly. 

Vitamins And Minerals.

Even though vitamin c gets all the attention, oranges also comprise vitamin A and several b vitamins. Most of the brands have calcium and vitamin D, reducing the risk of kidney stones by 12%. According to a medical study, kidney stones can be extremely painful and having a glass of orange juice every day can eliminate the chances. 

Picking The Best Orange Juice

If you want to maximize the benefits, you have to go for 100% organic orange juice, which does not have added sugar or preservatives. Also, try to have the ones that have the pulp inside-and it will provide your body with extensive fiber. In addition to that, you should have a small measuring cup for daily consumption so that the amount of orange juice that you are consuming is equal every day. 


Now let you know about the best benefits of orange juice for both men and women, you should try buying them from the supermarket right away. Check the label whether there are any added preservatives or not. 

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