Mango Vitamins- Surprisingly Beneficial

Mango vitamins

In some parts of the world, Mango is known as the king of fruits- do you know why? Mango is a native fruit to entire India and Southeast Asia and has been harvested and cultivated for over 4000 years. There are hundreds of different kinds of mangoes, and they all have unique tastes and shapes. The fruit is not only tasty but also power-packed with a lot of vitamins. It comes with a lot of nutritional profile, which is why it also has numerous health benefits as well. 

Nutritional Benefits Of Mango

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In a single piece of Mango, you will be able to get 99 calories, 1.4 grams of protein, and a lot of dietary fiber fat, carbohydrates, and other stuff. Forget that you will be able to get a good dose of vitamin c, copper, folate, vitamin complex, as well as Niacin, and potassium. Therefore it is a huge source of energy, and it will also give you immunity as well as iron absorption. 


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Mango is very high in antioxidants, and it is a good plant compound. There are various types of antioxidants like benzoic acid and anthocyanins, and they will be able to protect the cells against free radicals. According to the research, free radical damage can also be an eminent sign of chronic diseases and aging. It is also known as the super antioxidant, which is why you should always have seasonal fruits like Mango. It is also good and tasty for the kids, so you can try mango smoothies as well as other mango recipes. 

Mango Recipes

Mango jelly pudding- white, a delicious dish that you can try for your kids at home, and the preparation time is not going to belong. It is full of antioxidants, and it will give a lot of instant energy to your kids as well. It is advised that you do not have it during times of diabetes because it will have high sugar content. 

Tasty mango lassi- this is another beautiful beverage that you can have, and it is quite smooth, having a beautiful texture. Make it according to your convenience, and it can be tasty and tangy. You can have mango pulp mixed with milk all condensed milk, and it will come out to have a beautiful, unique taste. 

There are numerous other recipes that you can try, like mango curd curry and anti-inflammatory juice. For all those going for a keto, diet mango is an invincible thing you can have. A Dietitian will be able to give you an even better insight into low-carb mango recipes that you can try at home. 


It is important to know the essence of any fruit before you start consuming it. The best of Mango is that you can even have eaten during pregnancy which will enhance fetal development. Now that you have ample knowledge regarding the king of fruits, you should not look back. It is time to relish the fruit and have all the benefits out of it.

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