Know Everything About Acai -

Know Everything About Acai

Know Everything About Acai

Acai is a grape-like berry that also known as ‘Super Fruit’ in Brazil. This fruit is famous for its anti-aging properties, and it is said that it’s also useful in weight loss. Though, as of now, no scientific proof has come out, but people eat this fruit to reduce weight and for glowing skin. Recently this fruit has become popular globally because of these benefits. However, the result of eating it may differ from person to person, but the popularity of this fruit is increasing day by day.

If, like many other Acai is a new name for you, then here we have some information about this fruit for you. So let’s start with the look of the fruit and move forward to its health benefits;

What Is Acai?

Acai is one of the most popular fruit on Instagram, and it gets all the popularity because of the health benefits it offers. This fruit is already a star on social sites, so we all can identify it quickly, but most of us could not pronounce it correctly. This fruit is marked as as-sigh-EE. 80% of this fruit is a seed and has only 20% pulp, but this 20% of its flesh is full of nutrients that offer many health benefits to us.

Know Everything About Acai
Know Everything About Acai

Health Claims Of Acai

Anti skin aging and weight loss are the two properties that can make any medicine accessible, and when you get both qualities in one fruit, then its popularity will go high. This is the fruit that has both of the conditions, and being a fruit, people prefer to have it. Though the fruit has got hype for these two qualities but along with it also offers some other health benefits. Let’s have a look at the same;

High Nutritious Value

Most of the fruits have high nutritious value, and Acai is no exception. A 100 gram Acai has 70 calories: 70 and 5 grams fat. The amount of saturated fat is approx 1.5 grams, and the value of carbs is 4 grams. The best thing about this fruit is that it has only 2-gram sugar along with 15% Vitamin A and other minerals.  

Full Of Antioxidants 

When we look for fruit with high antioxidants, the first name comes in our mind is of blueberries. You will be surprised to know that this super fruit has three times more antioxidants than the blueberries. This has been proved in a study done in 2008. Twelve fasting volunteers had the pulp and Juice of this fruit, and a few had some other edibles with no antioxidant value. The group that had Acai had a raised level of antioxidants in their blood. 

Know Everything About Acai
Know Everything About Acai

Anti Cancer Effects 

Few studies on animals have some proof that Acai carries some anti-cancer effects. Though no fruit or food can work as a shield against cancer Acai has some positive impact on colon and bladder cancer. This test was done on mice. Still, a lot of researches is yet to perform to come on a concluded result.

To Boost Brain Functions

For a healthy brain, you should eat more Acai. Its antioxidants are suitable for your blood and mind too. In one study done on old mice, it has been found that this fruit improves the memory of mice in old age.  

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