Benefits Of Banana Chips That Will Amaze You

Banana Chips Health Benefits

Snacking throughout the day can help keep hunger at bay (and potentially avoid overeating during meals). Certain vending machine snacks, on the other hand, are decidedly unhealthy. Banana chips appear to be a more natural substitute for potato chips. Banana chips begin with a healthy base: unripe banana slices cut into slices. However, that’s where the healthiness ends. The slices are fried until crispy in cooking oil. Then they’re dipped in sugary substances like honey or syrup.

While a single serving of banana chips may provide some health benefits, a single serving banana chip is unlikely to provide these benefits. You’ll consume a significant amount of fat, carbohydrates, and calories if you eat sufficient fried banana chips to get the same minerals and vitamins as a whole banana.

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As a quick, convenient, and affordable source of energy, this could be beneficial. You can control or eliminate the amount of sugar in banana chips if you bake them yourself, according to your taste preferences and health needs.

Calories and Carbohydrates for Energy

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Banana chips have moderate calorie content. If you eat a 2,000-calorie diet, a 1.5-ounce serving has 218 calories or about 10% of your daily calorie allowance. Carbohydrates and fat account for the majority of the calories (25 and 14 grams, respectively). Both of these nutrients are concentrated energy sources. That means banana chips can keep your body fueled in between meals, but they can also cause weight gain if consumed in large quantities.

Magnesium Is Abundant In This Food

You’ll get some nutritional value for your calorie investment if you snack on banana chips. Some essential vitamins, particularly magnesium, are abundant in the chips. Magnesium is required for energy production, cell-to-cell communication, and DNA synthesis, an essential component of cell growth. Magnesium also forms bone and tooth tissue with other minerals like calcium and phosphorus, so eating foods high in magnesium may help keep your skeleton strong. 

Thirty-two milligrams of magnesium are found in a serving of banana chips. Depending on your gender, this amounts to 8 to 10% of your daily magnesium requirements.

Potassium is a potent nutrient.

Bananas’ potassium content is one of the reasons they have a good health reputation. Banana chips also contain potassium, though it may be less than you think. Each serving contains 225 milligrams of potassium, which is about 5% of the daily potassium requirement. Potassium has several health benefits, including nerve and muscle support as well as blood pressure-lowering properties. However, if you want to get your potassium while consuming fewer calories, you should eat a fresh banana.

Could Help You Lose Weight

Even when fried, banana chips may be a healthier alternative to potato chips. A similar serving of potato chips has about the same number of calories as banana chips but about half as much fiber (0.6g). Banana chips contain over a gram of potassium.

May Assist in Blood Pressure Control

Bananas have high potassium content. Potassium helps lower blood pressure, especially when combined with a low-sodium diet. Banana chips may have a small amount of potassium in them. However, compared to crackers or potato chips, this snack is likely to be lower in sodium. 

A single serving of banana chips contains less than one gram of sodium (0.84mg), while a similar serving of potato chips contains 95mg.

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