Banana Shake Recipe Step By Step

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You’ve heard of the all-time favorite banana shake, the healthy variation on the more traditional chocolate covered bananas. But how much do you actually know about its contents? And can a mere bowl of smoothie containing these ingredients actually deliver on its promises? Here’s a closer look.

Banana Shake Recipe

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Both versions of the banana shake are essentially the same product. They’re made with bananas and a variety of other ingredients. The only difference is that the milkshake version contains about three times as much cream, making it about twice as high in calories. However, it’s still nowhere near as high in calories as a traditional chocolate milkshake. The reason is simple: the banana milkshake contains sugar, while the banana shake doesn’t.

So what are the real banana shake calories? The simple answer is “not a lot”. A teaspoon of the mix is generally not enough to provide a significant amount of additional calories. If you really want to see an increase in your general health, you could always make a batch several times over the regular serving size.

The other key ingredient is protein powder. It’s true that the bulk of the mix has quite a bit of this ingredient – more than you’ll find in most other products. And protein powder is typically used for protein shakes, which can also provide benefits. But if you’re replacing regular ice cream with banana shake mix, the added protein powder isn’t going to give you a significant calorie increase.

Let’s look at the remaining ingredients, comparing the banana milkshake to the original. It should be noted that these other ingredients can vary depending upon the brand you’re using. However, all but two of the other ingredients have calories in them: sugar and artificial sweetener. These aren’t particularly high calorie foods, so using them all together should provide little increase in overall calories when paired with the original.

The final set of ingredients, ice cubes optional and whipped cream, have calories in them as well. The reason they have calories is because you usually pair them with fruit. When you do that, the calorie count jumps from about eighty five milligrams for one tablespoon of frozen fruit juice to around two tablespoons for a serving. This doesn’t mean much when combined with the other ingredients, but it’s important to note.

If you’re not sure that you could make a healthy banana shake recipe step by step, check out my article about banana recipes. This one involves blending and freezing the ingredients. Blending can often be done using a blender – the higher the speed, the faster the blending process. Using a low speed blender won’t cause problems, but won’t add a great deal to the freezing time.

It’s easy to get carried away with the number of calories you find in the food label – we’re all tempted to start adding things like granola bars, nuts and other additives to our diets that will eventually end up causing us to add weight. Start with the simple things and gradually move toward more complex carbs and fats. If you take a look at the nutrition facts on the back of a product, you can often see how many calories it contains without having to look at the ingredients list. The Banana Shake Diet takes these calories and turns them into delicious, nutritious energy!

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind when making your own banana shake recipe is that you will want to add natural sweeteners to your blend. Some of the healthier alternatives to using sugar are agave nectar and maple syrup. Both of these products are high in both vitamins and minerals, which means you’ll also be providing your body with much needed antioxidants. Combining high quality ingredients with fresh, natural ingredients is the best way to make sure you get as much nutritional benefit as possible from every serving of your homemade shake.

While you may think that adding protein powder is an unnecessary addition, I would argue against this. A large percentage of the Banana Shake calories (around 42%) come from protein powder. To counter this, I have also always mixed in about 1 cup of skim milk. That gives me about an equal percentage of calories from both sources. I would recommend that you mix your own protein powder with the other ingredients as it usually has a better flavor and texture when blended together.

End Note

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While it may be easy to make a delicious banana shake recipe, it is not so easy keeping track of all those calories. As you can see, this can be one of the more challenging shakes to create and consume. It’s important to use your imagination and experiment. The more you put into your shake, the more delicious and healthy it will be. Just remember to keep adding your own personal blend of sweetener, protein powder and skim milk to give you the most nutritious and delicious shake possible.

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