Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana is one of the foremost alimentary fruits on the earth. They belong to the family of plants known as Musa and are mature in warm areas. Bananas are a healthy supply of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, ascorbic acid and numerous antioxidants and phytonutrients. Many types and sizes of banana are available. Their color sometimes ranges from yellow to green.
Now, here’s a piece for you guys that tells you regarding banana nutrition facts.

banana nutrition facts
Banana Nutrition Facts

What Is A Banana Made Of?

Protein – 1 g, 4 kcal, 5%

Fiber – 3 g, 12 kcal, 12%

Starch – 6 g, 24 kcal, 25%

Fructose – 7 g, 28 kcal, 27%

Glucose – 8 g, 32 kcal, 28%

Fat – 0.3 g, 3 kcal, 3%

Total calories : 103 kcal

% Daily Value :

0.4 mg – Vitamin B complex (22%)

10.3 mg – Ascorbic acid(Vitamin C) (17%)

0.3 mg – Manganese (16%)

422mg – Potassium (12%)

31.9 mg – Magnesium (8%)

Did you know that 75% of banana is water?

Now, from these banana nutrition facts, you’ll see that banana is a very good source of nutrients for your body.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas :

1. Energy Boost

Eating solely two bananas can provide your body enough fuel to exercise or work for an hour and a half. Bananas are ideal for uptake during that noontide lull once you feel tired or sluggish. Therefore, forget caffeine concoctions or sugared candy. Bananas give a level of energy that lasts longer than caffeine.  

2. Power Of Potassium

Bananas facilitate your body’s vascular system to deliver O2 to the brain because they’re rich in potassium. This simultaneously aids your body in maintaining an everyday heartbeat and a correct balance of water in the body. Potassium is additionally useful for reducing the chance of strokes and regulating blood pressure because it promotes circulatory health. The potassium in bananas also helps to get rid of muscle cramps after exercise.  

3. Banana Moves

Firstly, Bananas facilitate to cure constipation. The fiber in bananas promotes the restoration and maintenance of normal bowel functions. Secondly, instead of laxatives that possibly have chemicals or other artificial substances in them, grab a number of sweet, ripe and spotted bananas.

4. Mood Improvement

Bananas will raise your spirits. Bananas have associated organic compounds referred to as essential amino acids. The essential amino acid is critical for the production of serotonin, a mood regulation substance that contributes to the emotions of relaxation and happiness. Consistent with banana savor calm folks laid low with depression usually reported feeling higher once uptake a banana.

5. Rich In Iron

Bananas are wealthy in iron. For people laid low with a deficiency of iron, bananas facilitate to provide your body the iron that it wants. Then, they improve hemoglobin production thus your blood clot quicker when a cut or serious injury occurs.

yellow banana fruits
Banana Nutrition Facts

6. Low In Calories 

Bananas are low in calories per bite. By having a banana you’ll be able to indulge your sweet appetite while not ruining your waistline or your health condition. A banana averages solely a hundred and ten calories. This profit is because of the massive share of fiber and water that structure the composition of bananas and fruits and vegetables altogether that segues nicely into the next health benefit.  

7. Fiber 

According to the Department of Agriculture, one banana has approx three grams of fiber. Dietary fiber will assist you to feel full longer and conjointly keep your digestive processes running consistently.

8. Refueling

Your body uses carbohydrates as a primary supply of energy. Eat bananas, a smoothie maybe, once done with a workout to refuel. Bananas for breakfasts can begin your day right and can provide you with the energy to work till lunch without snacking.

9. Manganese

Bananas are a good supply of manganese with one medium banana providing around 0.3 milligrams. Adults need between 1.8 milligrams and 2.3 milligrams manganese which is necessary for your bone health and metabolism.

10. Fat And Cholesterol

And then here’s the gem! Fat and sterol. Bananas are just about fat and sterol free. 

Looking back over the list of banana nutrition facts it’s pretty easy to see why bananas are thought of as one among the healthiest foods for humans. 

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